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Obesity can lead to the development of chronic diseases, serious medical complications, and shorten overall lifespan. Studies show that by losing weight, patients have alleviated and even eliminated numerous health problems. We know that when it comes to treating obesity, no two patients are exactly alike. Our Woodstock Beltline Health Center provides a complete range of surgical and non-surgical weight loss options along with one-on-one counseling, nutritional coaching, and professional services to support your long-term success.

At Beltline Health, we are committed to providing you with the medical expertise, bariatric surgery options, and ongoing support you need to make a real, lasting change in your life. We bring together world-class surgical technologies with personalized, compassionate care to help you beat the odds and become a healthier, happier you. In addition to improving bariatric patients’ physical health, we offer other supportive services to foster health improvement in patients’ emotional and mental wellbeing.

Beltline Health in Woodstock has numerous surgical and non-surgical weight loss options for individuals struggling to lose weight and looking to revamp their current lifestyle. Being obese goes beyond your outward appearance – carrying excess weight can lead to serious medical complications, chronic diseases, and take years off of your life.

Complimentary Patient Informative Seminars

Here at Beltline Bariatric in Woodstock, we help our patients make informed choices about their health journey. As great introductory tool, try our Online Seminar. We use this seminars to educate our patients on the non-surgical and surgical weight loss programs best suited to their needs. During these seminars, you’ll learn more about our surgical and non-surgical weight loss programs, meet members of our bariatric center team. Also, members of our award-winning medical staff will be present to answer any questions you might have that will help you take the next step in your health journey. At this time, online seminars are required to start your journey at Beltline Health in Woodstock.

Innovative and World-Class Bariatric Care

Bariatric surgery is a highly specialized medical field that requires extensive education, experience, and ongoing training. Our team of caring bariatric experts includes licensed dietitians, family nurse practitioners, and lifestyle coaches who are all working together to help our patients achieve lasting success. We work hard to reduce the traditional barriers to bariatric surgery, and we are committed to excellence in both pre-surgical and post-surgical weight loss care. We have a comprehensive, patient-centered program that addresses the emotional aspect of weight loss surgery. Maintaining lasting success goes beyond simply shedding your unwanted pounds – it involves dealing with the root cause of your obesity and learning new, healthier ways to live.

We are excited to be part of your journey! Contact us here or visit us at Beltline Bariatrics Woodstock Center, 900 Towne Lake Parkway, Suite 302, Woodstock, GA 30281.


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